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Surrogates was like Internet Porn for Luddites

Surrogates was like Internet Porn for Luddites

... if anything the internet is one of the strongest strongholds of racism in the universe. I've heard more racial slurs hurled at me within 5 minutes of signing into Call of Duty that I have in my entire life walking around in meatspace.

A great Day

After dropping Amanda off at the airport today I decided to drop by Kevin’s work and catch up with him and I’m glad I did. We hung out briefly at his work before heading over to his parents house where we had magic little gems rained down upon us. Several of them don’t really bear...


It’s rare that I see a movie I don’t like. And I don’t know if I liked Casshern or not. Hell I don’t know much about the movie at all. To be fair I started it with a solid buzz going after the Superbowl, then the Simpson’s movie, so by the time I got to...