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Wherein: Nathan gets crucified

Wherein: Nathan gets crucified

"It was a crazed maddened cry as if she had found out I had just told her I was canceling Will and Grace, 90210, and I clubbed a baby seal. It was a matriarchal battle cry. And it chilled me to my bones."

I got them Sunday Morning Hobo Blues

So I had a really weird weekend. On Friday night I got a late ride out to the Orange Line station, then cruised it in to hang out with Manu for the night. It was a good night, I got to check out the Roberto Alomar show and catch up with Todd, Gian, Scott, Will...

Wherein: I almost kill myself with booze

The LJ Prompt for today was interesting. Hemmingway wrote a 6 word story “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Dayv’s was solid too “The unicorn wandered Los Angeles, riderless.” Mine is on topic for the story I’m about to tell, and seems more like an noir novel than anything else “A Mercy Killing never needed...

I almost die a lot

They had a marathon on TV a few years back of “The Scariest Moments in Movies” and I remember one of the top things was this guy taking a pair of scissors, and opening his mouth and ramming his head down on them. I totally almost did that accidentally last night. Well no. I did...

Wherein: Nathan Almost Kills Himself

So there I was, holding fire. Let me back up. I decided to make myself some dinner. I had this box of spaghetti from 1943 that said “Support your troops: Buy War Bonds” on it, but my mom ensured me that spaghetti does not, in fact, go bad. So I thanked her for suffering through...