After dropping Amanda off at the airport today I decided to drop by Kevin’s work and catch up with him and I’m glad I did. We hung out briefly at his work before heading over to his parents house where we had magic little gems rained down upon us. Several of them don’t really bear repeating but it’s fun to be improvising and on the ball while someone is sortof, vacantly not getting it. Then we talked to Kevin’s uncle who apparently won an academy award (but only got a plaque), kicked ass at Nascar and had the inside scoop on what’s been wrong with Britney Spears for so long. Then we had hot dogs, burgers and Dr. Pepper. Good times were had, bellies were filled and then we headed out to LA where I watched some really crazy documentaries. Hell House, and Animal Passion. The former was about some crazy Presbyterian Church’s Haunted House they do every year and was crazy disturbing. Animal Passion is about Zoophiles and while the general topic is ‘taboo’, something about how it’s handled is disturbing in an amazingly hilarious way. One of the more disturbing lines involved the pleasure one of the guys was giving to his horse by letting it enter him, and how it would bite his back so hard he’d begin to bleed, and when he returned to his house his wife would laugh and say “Oh have you been out in the barn again?”. I don’t know, you have to watch it apparently. We also watched Doug Stanhope, who’se great and Comedians of Comedy and ordered a pizza that took hours to arrive.

Then I got to head out to Los Angeles to see Kevin rock some Roberto Alomar. It was really funny and awesome to see all the people from Ultimate Improv and meet some new people. They kicked ass, but the people that went before them just didnt get it, and all the laughs they got were these horribly uncomfortable laughs, and it was baaad news. I also now have a story that’s amazing to add to my repertoire. This sounds like I’m totally making up a joke, but I’m not. Between the two shows, I stopped into the bar at IO West and decided to get myself a delicious beer. So I ordered a Stella, took out my wallet and waited as the bartender got it. As she returned she said ‘The person at the end of the bar bought this for you’ and waves off my wallet. I confusedly glanced down the bar, and there was a midget, wearing a leather vest and festivly bohemian clothing, who gave me a jaunty, gay wave, and raised his glass.

I was confused on several counts. I raised my drink back, and took a sip, but was instantly confused. I’m not the kind of guy who’se had alot of other guys buy him drinks, so I wasn’t really sure what the drink-buyee etiquette was, and I don’t usually have random drinks sent to random women at the bars. So I sortof stood there awkwardly had a few more sips of beer. And then hastily beat a retreat from the bar. I like to think he bought me the drink because he found how amazing our height differences were, worthy of a delicious drink. And hell even if he buyed me a drink cause he thought I was a sexy looking guy, I guess being tall has its perks.

After rocking the green room some, we headed over to Kevin’s place and watched the most amazing movie I’ve seen in a while. The movie is called “The Legend of the Roller Blade 7”. One of the previews was for a movie called ‘Billy Badd’ which somehow had something to do with a mad-mask esque biker who at one point in the preview kicks a V.W. bug and it flips over. Then there seems to be a lot of tits and violence, and the preview itself took like 10 minutes before ending.

Then was Frogtown 2. Which had to do with the Champion of the Rocket Rangers, and one of his companions being turned into a frog while fighting the evil frog king.

And now, we make it to LofRB7. I don’t even know where to start with this movie, which stars Emelio Estebez and Frank Stallone. There’s ‘combat’ in it, but it’s like, my parents doing the Star Wars kid with plastic swords they bought at costco. There’s a part where the woman catches a plastic knife in her mouth, the cheap kind with the flimsy silver plastic blade, and then slits the throat of her captor. Only imagine a woman with one of said cheap plastic knives with it akwardly in her teeth, slowly trying to drag it over a guys neck, which clearly doesn’t cut him or even have any sort of red line it leaves behind. It’s like… people in rollerblading gear and skates, with a somewhat poorly improvised dialog, and otherwise some creepy Live Action Roleplaying. It’s horrendous in that ‘what the fuck am I watching’ kind of way.

All in all a good day, and it cost me $5 (I totally owe you drinks next time we go out Kevin). That is all for now, I’ll be back in PD tomorrow.