My name is Nathan Hillen and I’ve lived most of my life in Los Angeles.  I’ve found myself wandering around the world but always keep coming back home here.  I enjoy cognitive dissonance, hearing what different people sound like when they laugh, singing to myself in the car, and re-discovering things that were lost. I’m a single guy born in 1981, and I really like writing.  I hope you’ll enjoy the site and don’t be shy about commenting, for good or ill, knowing that people are reading the things I write feeds fuel to my fire to keep doing more.  I generally range from thoughtful to blue humor so if you don’t like one particular entry just wait for a few and I should be able to get something new up before too long.  I usually have 4-5 drafts waiting “in the queue” depending on my mood.  If you’re looking to diversify, feel free to check out my other website

And what you’ve all been waiting for: