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More Writing

I woke from a fever dream, screamed and woke again. She was fickle and distant and cursed beautiful madness.

Dream Analytics

So… anyone wanna take a crack at what THIS dream meant? I dreamt I was getting married to an indian girl (dots not feathers). We were meeting up in the parking lot to a ‘public’ building. Like a rec center or school or something. I was running late of course, and someone was driving me...

Words of Power: or Nathan goes Mildly Insane

So I had a dream last night, but it wasn’t a normal dream. In this dream there was a child in the house I was in. I don’t know if it was my kid or a sibling or what, but the child was possessed by Satan and I found an old book that had a...

Ugh, Screw You Dreams!

I had a bizarre dream last night. I was living in Mexico in a little dirt hovel that was attached to a bar (and right when you walked into Mexico that was THE bar you ran into), the bar itself was one of those Florida cabana style bars, and there were these two Mexican kids...