The LJ Prompt for today was interesting. Hemmingway wrote a 6 word story “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Dayv’s was solid too “The unicorn wandered Los Angeles, riderless.” Mine is on topic for the story I’m about to tell, and seems more like an noir novel than anything else “A Mercy Killing never needed more.”

I am about to go see pinneapple express, and it doesn’t strike me as the kind of movie I can see totally sober, so I thought I’d drink a bit before I drove over. My drink of choice for the past few months has been an Irish Carbomb. You fill a pint glass with a bottle of guiness, which leaves some room at the top, then fill a shot glass half full of bailys and half full of jameson. For those who haven’t tried it… you’re really missing out. I’ll have some at my Hot Hot Desert Party this weekend. Only I’m currently out of Guiness. So instead I made a drink that I wanted to call something like “The Down on your luck Carbomb” or “Trailer Park Carbomb” but after drinking my Bud Light, Bailys and Jameson, I found the perfect name for it “The Mercy Killing”. No sooner did I finish drinking it then the horrible mix of WAY too cold bud light, and the other ingedients began to expand and I had these horrible visions of a seagull fed Alka seltzer so I began punching myself in the stomach in hopes of ventilating some of the vapors. I eventually had to clutch my stomach, stumble into the living room and fall into a chair and pant for like 2 minutes. Never was a drink more appropriately named.

I’m going to have one more then go see the movie.