You can’t see my sudden smirk
as a lifetimes mischief seeps back into me
If I was Puck I’d lead you astray
And seduce you in moonlit woods

but I am not Puck, and my
forests are long since farmed for lumber.
And seduction has given way to alcoholic ramblings

But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming

That’s right my dear you may not know it
But we are in love, and have two children
I’ll name them Mab and Teardrop
One for the madness from waking alone
And another for sorrow yet falling

Perhaps one day you and I will wed
You’ld think that’d be my dream
To be in love, and be in life
for ever with hearts immortal

But I came from a home of broken families and broken dreams
I live in a place where I know, all this thought is just fantasy

Because in my dreams there is no doubt
or fear of tomorrow’s lies
There is only me and you.
A sea of roses
and love in our eyes