It’s probably nothing, but I noticed today while we’re racking up medals in running and sailing and swimming and biking… China is racking up medals in Judo, Fencing, Kicking Guys In the Balls, Shooting (they named the sport shooting? Fuck yeah), Wrestling, Archery, Weightlifting

Like… dude…

And then of course they won Trampolinging, Table Tennis, and Badminton.

Here’s my thing. I feel you. I’ll bet the world champion of Badminton is pretty bad ass. But who would you rather have in your back against the Terminator? Him, or the guy with the gold medal in SHOOTING or VIOLENCE or JUDO

And to quote Richard Pryor:

“That’s a lot of people waiting for you outside ‘Rich, there’s 60 billion dudes waitin’ on you’ a– outside. I can help you with two of ’em.'”

And they know Karate.