I have touched down in Sunny Wet Houston, and already my journal has been one chalked (Chocked?) full of adventures. I made train friends and will have some pictures forthwith, I do declare. All that. Anyways I found a nearby source of free internets hosted generously by someone named “Superdave”, to whom this internets entry is dedicated. My first order of buisness before typing away on the net, was to wash of 36 hours of train stink. Now most of you who know me are probably thinking “C’mon, what’s 36 hours without a shower to you?” And while I’d normally agree with you, I carried a lot of heavy bags, sweated profusely, and then didn’t have clothes to change for 36 hours, so I was the definition of ‘sweltering swamp ass’. Upon arriving I found that the house is very new and nice, and there are two miniature shnauzers here who bark -alot-. I befriended them early in hopes of cutting that out. So far so good, I’m the only one here and they’re either dead, or otherwise occupied, because the only sound in here is the whirling of the ceiling fan. Which is awesome considering I’ve been listening to the grinding of train wheels and the train whistle for the past 2ish days.

So upon trying to take my shower I realized that… while there was a shower curtain thoughtfully left for me by the girls here, there were no hooks for it. So I was unable to take a shower and had to instead take a bath. I figured I’d give a good verbal account of what transpired and save taking digital pictures. The tub was a normal sized bathtub, but I’m certainly not a normal sized dude. When sitting up in the tub, my feet stretched the full length of the tub, with my ass at the back end, which meant when it was time to wash my torso, I had to lift my feet and legs totally out of the tub, as though I was sitting on the wall facing the tub. Hillarity ensued. Of course I was all by my onesies appreciating it but… whatever 😉

Anyways. I’m here, all is wellish and I’ll have pictures soon.