So here’s the deal. I’m probably not going to get annhiliated by Hurricane Ike, and while the chances of it happening are greater than the Haldron Collider thingies getting me pregnant, I suppose that’s still possible. So I was thinking about it, and I think I might be ok with getting killed in the hurricane, but only since it’s named Ike. That way when the next time someone goes “What should we name this destructive mass that’s going to obliterate people’s lives and homes?” “How about Fran?” “I like it… then Greg… then Helen… Then Ike…”

Way to pick passive lame names. Dying in hurricane Ike would be a statement, and if I do, then I hope you all sign petitions to make sure the next I hurricane is like… HURRICANE INVASION. or HURRICANE INEVITABILITY. or HURRICANE IONIZATION.

I kinda ran out of I words. But in all seriousness everything’s fine here. Ask me again in 24 hours and you may have a -very- different answer. The calm before the storm is exciting. I seriously didnt mean that to be as pun-ny as it came out sounding