So… anyone wanna take a crack at what THIS dream meant?

I dreamt I was getting married to an indian girl (dots not feathers). We were meeting up in the parking lot to a ‘public’ building. Like a rec center or school or something. I was running late of course, and someone was driving me (one of my good friends, I forget which, but I think it was Manu). As we pulled up I was like “Dude, I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt” and he handed me a pair of suit pants and a dress t-shirt. I changed in the car and as I got out my sister came up and hugged me and informed me that she felt bad because all my friends had shown up, but my bride to be just had her mom and dad here. And at this point I realized oh, this is also an arranged marriage. Even though I never met her in the dream, I knew she was scared and nervous.
I ran into Joe and Tiffany and my mom had a suit jacket for me to put on, and there was some dancing going on pre-wedding and I was talking to people, and as I went inside to meet my bride… I woke up…