This is from a little while ago that I found while poking through my GoogleDocs. I think I wrote this when Captain America died and I had a bit of a realization but… I could just be confused ;P

Hunting for Innocence
It seems like such an incredible
thing to regain.
In a world of death, hate, and jealousy,
how can I rediscover innocence?

How do I recapture the wide-eyed wonder
Amazement now is a chuckle…
I have lost wonder. It was stolen from me

I can not say when exactly. But it
was an instant sudden slaying when in
a heartbeat I realised the lies around me.
The trick in a magic trick lost its magic.
Books were less like door ways to adventure,
and more like stories of adventure,
Love could be measured. Hatred was real.
Good did not always triumph.
And super-heroes vanished brutally from