Both my cats were neutered before I got them. The rescue saves me this mutilation, so they still love me, and don’t seem to hold this against me.
I like to think their primality still rages through, despite their domesticity. When the windows are open they are alert and I can see they yearn to hunt and tear flesh.

I asked them for advice these two Orange toms and they had the following to say

The first, skinny, lean and brave said to tell you this “Never lose your curious nature, because while life is often full of loud surprises and things which are terrifying, occasionally some of those surprises turn out to be delicious, or friendly.”

“Never skip a meal, but never eat to excess”

“It’s ok to be discerning when you’re offered a treat, but never turn up your nose at something you love, no matter your mood”

“Find high perches, the same world will pass you by, but your view of it will be better”

“Accept affection on your own terms, but chin rubs on any terms”

“While brothers can be tiresome, always keep them safe, fed and cleaned”

“Never be too busy with anything to play”

My other Tabby, his brother, had some different advice. His languid full form pressed the air from my lungs and made it harder to breath as he sat on my chest. His claws kneading there. He looked me in the eyes with a sharp smile and said.

“Life is full of simple pleasures. Nothing else matters. A full stomach, a warm patch of sun to lie on, and a hand running through your hair is just about all you need”

“Now and then you wrestle with the people you love. Sometimes for fun and other times because you need to know whose in charge. Always show them afterwards they’re still important to you, I recommend a tongue bath”

“Have a low space that only those you trust can find you in, and go there when you need to”

“Never skip a meal, but try not to eat until you’re sick. You will fail this sometimes but that’s ok”

“Things will happen in life that will scare you. It’s ok to hide from them, but you’ll need to come out eventually.”

“Don’t be afraid to purr when you’re happy, people like to know how good your mood is.”

“When someone’s having a bad day, you can help by just being around them”

“You’ll have the opportunity to see lots of wonderful birds and bugs in life. Don’t just experience them alone. Be sure you call the people you love so they can see them too. Hunting should always be done with your friends”