There was no fiery exhalation to announce the end of my youth
It was not the strained end of a relationship
Not the shocked loss of a job ended.
It just wasn’t there any more. Like atrophied strength or lost abilities

Ha. Atrophy and loss. I’m sorry, I forget you don’t yet know what I speak of
You with the smooth face. No laugh lines and no wind burns. They will come

Those experiences and passions you hold now. Grab them tight, because I would jealously devour them if I could. I would dive headfirst into remembrances of glory. Boast and brag… These ARE the best of times

Before you look in the mirror and see the lines or grey hairs and wonder how long they’ve been there
Before you realize that odd pain is never going to go away
Before that cough just becomes a part of your life
And before the funerals

Laugh and love. I miss them both tonight