So, I was talking to Davy today and I realized… the problem with the Bro Code is whenever someone fucks up and breaks the Bro Code, you just go “Dude, that was un-bro of you” or “Dude, not cool” or “Fuck dude!”

But that’s generally it, so starting in 2009, I’m instituting a Man Tax. From now on when someone breaks the Bro Code (and specifically just the Bro Code, Party Fouls and general boners don’t count), you’re allowed to levy a Man-Tax upon them, generally repayable in beer. I will be happy to arbitrate any confusion in relation to appropriate levies and fines. But I’d be happy to discuss things, I’d say in general, a violation of the Bro Code should result in a six-pack of domestic beer fine. If you really fuck up, the quality of beer, and quantity of beer will be increased.

So sayeth I!