I found some writing from my train trip from Los Angeles to Houston. Some of it is decidedly mediocre but one of the things I really liked. I still remember very vividly the scene I described.


I think this is as close as I’ll ever
feel to hurtling through space. I sit and
by the shaking and rocking of the train,
I am certain that I am in motion. And
occasionally there is a scream and a rush
outside, blackening and strobing the
occassional street light star.
The noises the passing train makes sound
much like a starfighter’s engines. But I
sit facing a window and looking out. I see
more of the inside of the train than anything else.
It’s beautiful. It’s an allegory for life.
Mankind in motion,
but for me it’s all blind. There’s no
headlights to illuminate where we’re headed.
Just the occassional burst of light and
me alone with my thoughts.