So a while back, I mentioned that I went to the doctor and they said I had MRSA and we didnt really get too much into what that is. I’ll give you the gist of it, from what learnings I’ve had. MRSA stands for Methicillin-resistant Staph Aureus. The medical side of things is pretty straightforward. People get staph infections all the time. The problem is some strains of staph are resiliant to antibiotics, so MRSA is what some doctors call the “superbug”, because it’s an example of doctor’s worst nightmares, a new type of disease coming out that is beginning to become resiliant to antibiotics. Now MRSA isnt Chronic, it’s still just an infection, and it’s treatable, they just need to use another kind of antibiotic on it. Something other than pencillin, which MRSA is immune to (Methicillin Resisitant). While a bunch of people die from MRSA (3000 or so in the UK in 2005 according to Wikipedia) Im not too worried about that, up until recently MRSA was usually spread in hospitals, among elderly patients, but more recently it’s been occuring more to young people in good health (which I suppose I sortof qualify for). That’s called Community Associated MRSA, or CA-MRSA… we now have a 6 letter acronym, which I guess is good. I mean AIDS only has 4 letters right?

Anyways. The point is, Im not too terribly concerned. When I first got it, I thought it was a gnarly spider bite. I noticed it when I was in oregon. One morning I woke up and I was like “man, theres a big, red, gnarly spider bite… right in the center of my ass”

I didnt really think anything of it, but it got bigger and harder. And I was like, ok, that’s seriously starting to worry me… so I popped it. Which actually wasnt too terrible of an idea, but it didnt help things any. By the time I got back to LA, I knew something was seriously wrong, as I now had 2 weird spider bites on my ass. Originally we thought it might have been a brown recluse bite, or something like that, since it was like a heinous bite, and there was a second one a while later. Then I moved back to LA and made a doctors apointment, at which point I got one on my arm and was really weirded out. I now had 3 really painful super gnarly spider bites on my body, that were clearly not ‘normal’. I went to the doctor and they actually “popped” the aureus’ and squeezed all the gooey gross liquid out. I was torn as to whether I should cry from the eye wattering pain, or knock out the lady who was relentlessly squeezing my arm. Ultimatly they put me on Bactrim and I took it for about a week and a half. The infections got really tiny and the skin wasnt agitated anymore, all that was left was a scar. So I figured hey, life is wonderful and went on with things.

A while later I got another small one, this one was on my right thigh, then I got another small one on my ass, but these were tiny, and went away quickly, and so I didnt think anything of it. Then I got one on my inner thigh right by my balls, and another one on my ass, and I said fuck it and went to the doctor again, who perscribed more bactrim, for longer. They went away, and now they’re back again. I talked to my buddy’s dad who’se a doctor and said he’d perscribe a different antibiotic for me, but it’s supposedly fairly expensive.

So I went to my work to find out if my medical insurance had kicked in (which I assumed it hadn’t since I hadn’t done any paperwork). This was like May 25th and I was supposed to be enrolled May 1st. So I just got the enrollement papers before the weekend. So Im not going to be able to turn them back in until tomorrow or the next day, meaning who knows how long until I have insurance to buy new medicine.

So what until then? I suffer.

It’s kindof a pain in the ass. (literally) Im not one to generally bitch about my health (Except to people Im dating) but my main problem with these MRSA infections is they HURT like a motherfucker. And it’s not like they’re generally on my legs, they’re right in the middle of my ass cheeks. That’s degrading, and even more importantly, it’s really REALLY painful. I can sit down fine, but if I shift around my eyes roll back in my head in pain. The one I have now that’s horribly bad is right on my lower back, so if I lean back it hurts. Not only that but I just generally can’t get comfortable, and it’s fucking up my sleep too.

I had a memorial day party and I was out of it all day, because my back had a large red welt the size of my fist, as hard as plywood, and was slowly leaking blood all day. And yet I have to try to not be a total pain in the ass to everyone. I spent alot of effort trying to get people over and be sure they had fun. Tonight I washed out the really bad cut I had. With one of the bad infections I had, I literally pulled out a white/greenish “plug” from the cut, which seemed to uncork something and the thing like deflated. At that point all the pain went away and the thing drained fine. Mark described this as being all normal, as a “plug” of antibodies built up basically. I can’t describe to you how surreal and weird it is to pull something out of a wound in your body, and watch a giant “welt” of irritated skin deflate. “Well I unplugged my ass” tonight and I feel better, but in the process I washed out the wound itself really well. It’s really weird. I could see a half an inch into my body. It’s not alot, but it’s enough to creep you out.

Anyways I think that’s about enough of the situation, surprisingly enough I didnt post this because I wanted to talk about it. If you guys want to talk Im happy to do so here, but I really dont want to talk about it in person yet. It is still a little weird/uncomfortable. I mostly just posted this because it’s supposed to be an update of what’s going on in my life, and this is the only part of my life I’ve really been able to pay any attention to in the last few months.