As my eyes fight off sleep and drearily attempt to focus on the cottage cheese ceiling, my ears are instantly assailed with a blaring paid advertisement. ”Not two hundred dollars, but 3 easy payments of sixty five dollars, will get you an incredible Mar Co. Food Dehydrator” I desperately grab for the remote in an attempt to damper this rude awakening. After everything has quieted down I let my head fall back onto the couch. My thoughts have to struggle to me against the dull ache in the center of my brain. I reach over and take a sip of water; I don’t trust much else to stay down. I lie on my couch on this docile Thursday and listen. Nothing. I cannot hear children playing, any birds singing, or people gardening. I glance in humor at the TV, where the muted salesmen flail their arms in a vain attempt to get me to call in. The only sound I hear is a soft, low pitched buzz, a strangely calming buzz, coming from my refrigerator. Then I hear a faint whimpering from across the room. I look up worriedly; my dog is lying on her bed, facing out at the overcast day. She is whimpering, and the muscles in her legs twitching. A dull, calming rain starts to drizzle on my patio, and I lay back down and a sigh escapes me. Dogs dreaming, a funny thing. “Quiet down Emma, I’ve got my own rabbits to catch.”