Since it’s 4:30 in the morning on a Friday night I figured, what better time than now to post a longish live journal entry.

I just got done watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Like a dumbass I haven’t seen it until just now and I, of course, loved it. But it’s brought be back to the same place I was a year ago, which is wondering what happened to our looser. It seems like in times past there have been great writers who’ve emerged from the masses just writing about their experiences at the bottom of the barrel. Guys like Thompson or Bukowski. Here are guys who are not liked because they’re successful (or even particularly good or friendly people) but instead are like for just the opposite reasons. Why don’t we have any ‘street poet’ that’s emerged. I think that’s the major with the communication age. Since everyone can instantly communicate with everyone, certain voices get lost in the mix, and that voice is one of them, but it’s a voice I dont think we can afford to avoid.

I want to hear more people like Tom Waits singing lyrics like “Im so god damn horny the crack of dawn better be careful around me” and less Dave Matthews.

Its not that there’s anything wrong with the writers or singers of today, but even punk music has taken a big step upwards. You dont have guys like GG Allen or guys with names like Sid Vicious. Who is it that years from now will be remembered as our generations voice from the streets. The voice of the despondant drunk or raging psychotic who still has a voice and a story, even if it’s twisted and backwards. Personally I think they’re all voices that need to be heard… there’s something about the idea of sitting in a cheap nagahide booth in a dark smoky bar sharing a drink with a total stranger and bullshitting about the economy or some other meaningless tripe, than going to a place like the fucking Circle Bar in santa monica where it’s so busy you have to show tit to the bartender to get service and there’s no seating whatsoever so you just have to stand around like sardines. (I was going to make a Great White reference here).

I think I need to put back together my Whiskey and Cigarettes party idea… we’ll see.