I had a bizarre dream last night. I was living in Mexico in a little dirt hovel that was attached to a bar (and right when you walked into Mexico that was THE bar you ran into), the bar itself was one of those Florida cabana style bars, and there were these two Mexican kids working it and an older dude who ran the restaurant side.

I kept going back and forth between Mexico and “some border city” to talk about what a great time I was having, and I was doing some Math homework (but it was like rediculously simple math that I was doing wrong (sidenote: I think you’re supposed to not be able to read numbers in dreams, but I could in this, though alot of the numbers like 6’s and 9’s were backwards)) but once I started doing it again I could do it fine.

Alicia was randomly in the dream and was writing in a journal which I realized was the same kind that I had had for the past like 10 years (though I dont know the last time I wrote in it), and then I was running off and doing stuff again and I ended up opening a school for all the Vietnamese (I guess my brain got confused as to where I was) kids, but they were sad that the shack we were in didnt have any chairs or water so some of them left, then I went back to the US to meet with my parents. (I was Saresh from Heros at this point, and my parents were Indian) and told them about how awesomely this new school I opened was doing…

Then I woke up

What a bizzare dream