“This is a wonderful country, but there are certain things here which are a corosion on the human soul”
“It is these things that make suicide, someone loses their job, then their car, then apartment. Pretty soon they are at a wall and it drives thousands to violence against themselves.”
“To 65% of the people this country is not heaven, but my son, he has not a worry in the world, and he helps me out but he can’t help with everything. For the other 35… 45% this is heaven”
“Even in this country everyone is a slave working to be even. It is the unlimited power of the landlord, the unlimited power of the supervisor…”
“Nothing is going to change”
“Nothing is going to change”

Having channeled the great minds of the past, preaching reform and social injustice. Being enslaved to a doctor to stay alive. He slips into quiet sleep, this strange messanger’s purpose served. He finally gets his rest

And while this small old man tells me the perils of modern life, she giggles and says she named her pet iguana vixen, because she is a vixen.