In other news, I just found this:

Houstan Texans defensive end Travis Johnson kicked some guy in the head, knocked him unconcious, then taunted his unconcious body, then after the game said in regards to him “God don’t like Ugly”

If that alone wasn’t amazing enough. I used to play football and baseball with Travis. I remember watching him get beaned in the side of the head with a fastball that went hard enough to damage the batting helmet and he shook it off.

AND he still has two of my favorite line calls ever, one of which was just “Coco Bird” while flapping his arms. Im sure it was in context with something but I couldn’t possibly tell you what.

The other was him leaning over and going “Yo 57… what’s your number? Tell me your number 57 so I can stomp you” or something along those lines? Holy crap I can’t believe he was named “The Worst Person in Football”

Which means he’s worse than Michael Irvin who more or less murdered someone. Hot.