So theoretically the Chinese have this curse that roughly translates to “May you live in interesting times”. I checked the wiki on it cause the saying was stuck in my head, and it says it might be based on the proverb ‘It’s better to be a dog in peaceful times than a man in chaotic ones”

I like that as an insult. And the reason? I’ve certainly lived in my share of interesting times. But everything is alot fucking slower out here. Why? Cause nothings going on. And I would think that should be bad. Like I should be restless. But for once there’s nothing looming over my head. I thought about this as I was sitting down to eat some lunch. I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich. The meal was great and as I finished up and plopped down on the couch I marvelled for a second at that saying.

I think it works great as is. Because not HAVING to do anything. That’s really… thats as good as it gets. I could spend today… playing blues guitar. Like I did. Or sitting by the pool, or reading a book. That’s how life SHOULD be. I wouldnt want every day to be quiet. But I think that’s the point. When you live in interesting times there’s always shit going on. And thats cool for a while. But at some point pulling the brakes on life to slow things down. Well it’s amazing. I remember a good point Cody brought up once, he said “I wish we could just not do anything, no school, no work, no nothing, till we’re 35 or so, and then just work the rest of our lives, until we die” And I think there’s alot of merit in that. The problem with retirement later in life is everything is already slowing down by then. I used to want to go on a cruise just to get away from responsibility but I realised it’ll always follow you. And I know at some point soon I need to start being responsible but today I really let loose and just… lived in uninteresting times.

And it was kindof fucking amazing.