So I had a dream last night, but it wasn’t a normal dream. In this dream there was a child in the house I was in. I don’t know if it was my kid or a sibling or what, but the child was possessed by Satan and I found an old book that had a passage that banished the devil. Like a really potent exorcism, only when I tried to read it, the words died in my throat, and my body was wracked by horrible shaking and mortal fear, so bad that I woke up trembling. Thinking about it still sends chills down my spine. So I guess the question is… was I scared because I was about to exorcise myself or something?

I do remember the first words of the 4 lines o’ banishing which were “Basil Lisab….” and then something else.. the fact that I’m dreaming in weird Palindromes is probably a bad sign.