Dinner Tonight Courtesy of Trader Joes:

I just had an amazing dinner. I couldn’t tell you the nutritional value of it or how many calories it was, nor do I care. The flavor content was mindgobbling (Thanks Christian).

So what did I have? Well it was a pretty simple fair. When I was at TJoes I picked up a 4 pack of Organic Artichokes and cooked one of those up. It was delicious, dipped in butter, as predicted and was the least flavorful part of the meal. Part of it was slightly undercooked which was both my fault for not checking the artichokes I bought, and my fault for not using quite enough water when I cooked it.

Next was Trader Joe’s brand Sweet Apple Chicken Sausages and these things pretty much made me mess my drawers. Next time you’re at Trader Joes and looking to pick up something snack-worthy I highly recommend it. They were a mindblowing addition to the meal and gave a nice sweet light taste to the heavier butter soaked artichoke.

Then of course was the piece de resistance (I don’t really know what that means). The Chimay Grand Reserve. I’ll say one thing them Belgians’ sure know how to brew a tasty damn beer. I’ve been growing more and more fond of Belgian beer lately with Blue Moon being good and Hoegaarden being a favorite. But Chimay is mindblowing, and alongside the other two pieces of the meal it was perfect, and it’s nice and thick so I can definitely count it as part of the meal. Next time you think about buying that 6 dollar bud light at a bar, go home and buy a tall delicious Chimay instead.

My god I’m in Gluttonous Heaven right now.