I’ve had keys since I was little. I was a latch key kid as young as elementary school. Which means ever since I was like… 7… I’ve had keys to a house, or a car, or a something. Now, as I leave for Houston, I find myself having one set of keys, which I’m giving to my sister when I go. Once I give her those keys, it’ll be the first time in 20 years when I just… don’t have any keys. No locks will yield do me. And for a brief stint, until I get there, I’m technically homeless.

I mean not really. But mostly. I also have 8 dollars in my bank account, which I’ll probably spend on food on the train. Furthermore, I’m really hoping that Hurricane Fran whacks the shit out of Houston the day I arrive. That way this section of my autobiography can begin with:

“The hobo rode the rails into Houston on the wings of a hurricane”

named Fran.

Anyways, Im out. See some of you tonight, and the rest of you… later.