It’s kinda funny that it’s going to have taken this long to get to why I made the new journal. With moving to Palm Desert I have the opportunity for a lot of things, and one of those opportunities is to get several facets of my life back on track. While I largely don’t want to think of my move as geographic therapy, which I’ve certainly tried to have my fair share of, this is going to be different than driving cross country to Chicago or moving up north to stay with my Dad in Oregon.

While I may have friends and relatives visit down here, and I may go back to LA semi-often (it’s only a 2.5 hour drive), on a regular weekly basis I’ll be all by myself in a big house in Palm Desert, staring at the walls, so I want to take it upon myself to try to sort out some shit in my life.

As of today I am 100% totally and finally fully moved out of my Van Nuys apartment, and I have 8 dollars in my wallet, I got added to Chexsystems for an overdue balance of $300 to WaMu, I have a rediculously huge t-mobile, electric, and cable bill, and I’m sure a few incidentals I haven’t gotten around to sorting through yet. So one of the first thing I need to do out here is sort out my financials. Trying to go to SMC and get student aid turned out to be laughable at best. I was under this vague impression that with studen aide, since I was making $0 a week, and had no savings to speak of, I’d qualify for… something. Well I did qualify for something, I qualified for a $300 fee waiver for my tuition, which made sure I didn’t wind up that much more in the hole.

I have a chance to apply for Unemployment still, which would be great because the extra money coming in would be awesome to put a dent/take care of that debt, as well as paying for… I dunno… groceries, and I had an unexpected suprise when my landlord mentioned I might be getting some of my rediculously huge deposit back (I had to pay like 3 months upfront because of my shitty credit). I’m just going to funnel this all to my mom who paid my last months rent, and has given me several hundred dollars worth of gas money to get to and fro the desert, and basically covered my ass.

The one large upside of having moved here is I’ve already thrown away a bunch of crap I really dont need, and I plan to sell off/simplify what I own, and hopefully use some of those funds for getting my life a bit back on track. I’ve also decided while I’m down here I’m going to learn to play blues guitar, and try to read more, and I’ll be going back to school in Summer.

In a sidenote, I went to an endochrinologist (however you spell that) to make sure I don’t have lymphatic cancer or something (I dunno, my mom wanted me to go, I don’t really think I’m at risk). He said “You look fine, except you’re blood pressure is high, loose weight and it’ll go down”. Which is good news I suppose, not like loosing weight is a bad idea anyways, but since I’ve been moving constantly, I have eaten more fast food SINCE having that talk with the doctor than I have in the 4 months prior to going in there, and that amuses me.

Anyways more later, must start putting away the giant piles of crap I now litter my grandma’s place with. (BTW, you guys are totally welcome to come visit whenever, just lemme know)