I know I haven’t really gotten to why I switched blogs yet. That’ll come soon, I promise.

In the interim I have to talk about today’s news. I went to CNN.com and here are the top news stories. These are put in my idea of least bad, to worst.

Movie “Over my dead body” sucks (paraphrased)
Readers Weigh in on Microsoft’s Yahoo Bid.
Police corner escaped prisoner
Clinton, Obama Changes tones at debate.
Coulter wants Clinton over Mccain
Why clooney won’t stump for fave obama
Van Der Sloot throws wine in writer’s face
387 Pound man walks off half his weight
Big chark chomps bitty shark at aquarium (with video)
Bush “Troubling signs” for economy
Six dead in Carolina plane crash
3rd Undersea Internet Cable cut in Mideast
Killing of model-bodyguard stuns moskow
Chinese travelers stampede train stations
Hollywood Muscle quashes Ledger Video
Kindergartner chokes to death while on bus
Mom said baby “Fit right into the microwave”

and the headline

“Mentally Disabled women blown up”

In a Baghdad market, 2 mentally disabled women were strapped with explosives and then detonated by remote control, killing 98 people and wounding 200 more.

While that sounds like a plotline from 24 gone horribly wrong, when I look at all those news articles I go “Oh right. This is why I don’t read the news” there’s nothing positive on there. I guess the 387 pound man loosing half his weight but… fuck me 387 pounds? Even my fatass never weighed that much. And the cops catch some guy who had escaped from prison. I guess that’s good news but that’s as good as it gets?

Thats fucking horribly depressing.