People always ask me “What kind of music do you like to listen to?”.  And when I tell them “Everything” it’s totally true.  I love Southern Rock, Showtunes, Classical Music, Gangster Rap, the Blues, some Gospel, some Country, and a fair share of alt/indy rock and trip-hop.

But there’s really only one genre of music that makes me stop what I’m doing and really talks to me down in my soul.  Today that music is going to be voiced to you by Propaghandi.   Here’s a music link for you to listen to while you continue reading.

Rock For Sustainable Capitalism

One of the reasons I love punk music is if you don’t read too far into what people are really saying, the core heart and soul of the music is so desperate.  This song still has it’s moments more in the tone of the song itself, but from here to Fifteen, Rancid, and Against Me! There’s a certain type of punk rock music where people are screaming and pleading for everyone to wake up out of their shells.  It’s the Crimethinc document “Join the Resistance: Fall in Love” (which is elsewhere in this blog).  Even a song that’s just a comment on the music itself (like Rock for Sustainable Capitalism) is in this case so bitter, sardonic and despondent at times that it really resonates home (not that I’m bitter, sardonic or despondent).  Anyways random blogging about music.  I’ll write more about my life when I come up for air again.