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Generic Life Updates
The dawning of a new era

The dawning of a new era

I eat more delicious food in Korea and have a fantastic time with my host family, the World Championships and a rad hotel room
Touchdown in Distant Lands

Touchdown in Distant Lands

Korean food and cultural similarities
Anne Plast

Anne Plast

It was then that I realized that whatever ill will I had towards my grandmother was misplaced and whatever pain I thought I was going through was no doubt dwarfed by whatever she felt. She had loved with every fiber of her being, and once that love stopped being in her life, she stopped...
A disturbing realization

A disturbing realization

I don't know how this happened, but maybe one of these days I should try out a properly sized bed for an extended period of time.


I didnt die in Hurricane Ike, but I along with 90% of Houston am without power. This is being posted via battery and cell modem charged in a car. I’d post more but someone has grilled up the most amazing smelling burger I’ve ever smelled in my life called a “Cowboy Burger” food wins. Sorry...

Sweaty Fat Guy No More

More coming soon, I promise. One of the big observations I had in Houston, it’s about as hot/muggy as I expected it to be. Having spent a summer climbing roofs with my dad in Missouri this isn’t hugely different. As such though I came to a realization about something amazingly awesome about the sticky Texas...

Thanks Superdave

I have touched down in Sunny Wet Houston, and already my journal has been one chalked (Chocked?) full of adventures. I made train friends and will have some pictures forthwith, I do declare. All that. Anyways I found a nearby source of free internets hosted generously by someone named “Superdave”, to whom this internets entry...


I’ve had keys since I was little. I was a latch key kid as young as elementary school. Which means ever since I was like… 7… I’ve had keys to a house, or a car, or a something. Now, as I leave for Houston, I find myself having one set of keys, which I’m giving...


So I haven’t done acting in a long time, and I don’t know that that changed today, though I had a pretty cool experience. Cory wanted me to come up to LA to work on a film he was doing. He said he had a part that he thought I’d be really good in and...


I really need to get a digital camera. Apologies in advance for trying to describe something that could oh so much more gracefully be captured with a picture. I am sitting in my grandma’s jacuzzi, it’s overcast which is just the kind of weather I like. It’s sunny out, but everything is in the way...

The Beginning

It’s kinda funny that it’s going to have taken this long to get to why I made the new journal. With moving to Palm Desert I have the opportunity for a lot of things, and one of those opportunities is to get several facets of my life back on track. While I largely don’t want...

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything

So this is the first post. I have some rather grand aspirations with the new blog. Changing from live-journal to here is just one small change. It’s a step towards taking the longer route, though it might be slightly more of a hassle, because it means a better thing in the long run. In this...