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Life’s Merit Badges
Pretend You're Winning, It's More Fun

Pretend You’re Winning, It’s More Fun

So while we're busy resisting, living, and trying to find a way to make our lives better. Remember that you're always just about as happy as you choose to be, and pretend you're winning. It's more fun.
Fuck Me.  This fish-head soup is good, and exactly what I needed right now.

Fuck Me. This fish-head soup is good, and exactly what I needed right now.

Eventually I begin to plead with The Cuban who thinks the sea and the puke and the rain is sort-of par for the course and looks at me in much the same way that any action movie hero would look at a sidekick who said 'Rather that shoot the bad guys, can we...
More Exchange Stuff

More Exchange Stuff

If you are having problems releasing spam on your Transport Server, here's what you have to do to get it to send out properly in Exchange 2007
Email Usage Report for Exchange 2007

Email Usage Report for Exchange 2007

How to create a batch reporting script that will send you a summary of the emails used by specific people in your Exchange Organization. Careful guys, Big Bro is watching (I'm big and a brother, so I totally count)
A "new" car

A “new” car

So after like a year of not having a car or any real keys, the day is finally upon us.  I now have a big ass Cadillac.  I’m still on the prowl for good names for it, but so far I’m totally happy with the purchase.  Ask me again in 24 hours though… who knows...
I don't remember our last

I don’t remember our last

I don't remember the last time we smashed the universe into its component pieces and realigned the stars in a myopic collection of feelings and bright lights, the future blasted so far beyond that only brief spots on my retinas remind me that it was ever there at all.

I got them Sunday Morning Hobo Blues

So I had a really weird weekend. On Friday night I got a late ride out to the Orange Line station, then cruised it in to hang out with Manu for the night. It was a good night, I got to check out the Roberto Alomar show and catch up with Todd, Gian, Scott, Will...

Wherein: Nathan Almost Kills Himself

So there I was, holding fire. Let me back up. I decided to make myself some dinner. I had this box of spaghetti from 1943 that said “Support your troops: Buy War Bonds” on it, but my mom ensured me that spaghetti does not, in fact, go bad. So I thanked her for suffering through...

Wherein: I make the paper

So… I woke up this morning to discover that I was on the Front Page of the LA Times. No joke. Thats a pretty weird experience. I knew some dude from the LA times had taken my picture but I CERTAINLY didnt expect to be on the front page, let alone wearing… MY RAPTORS AWAY!...