Tentacles of the Technoctopus

Wherein I write about whatever's on my mind in the hopes that I find a little bit of common ground with the other spacemen hurtling around this damn place.
Downer Christmas Writing

Downer Christmas Writing

im going to try something new. normally i don’t share things until they are crisp and i’m happy with them. here is something raw and unfinished. i hope to edit it over time and make it more better. ——– Us We used to wait anxiously, unable to sleep from excitement of the morning. I vividly...
One from the road

One from the road

I'll write something new one of these days
I didn't write it, but I dig it

I didn’t write it, but I dig it

"Being Somebody" By: Edwin Honig. 'He had so little need of those who said they had need of him'


It's kinda like that....
More Deadpool

More Deadpool

Damn this movie was bad.

Wherein: My little brother almost dies

After one of the most bizarre dreams I’ve had in a long time I woke up at 8:30 to the sound of screaming children. After stumbling awake and wandering around like a zombie I can control of my facilities enough to stumble around and poke around online re: the dream and getting in touch with...